I hate it here

My son has a peanut allergy, along with a handful of other other allergies, and while we’ve never had any sort of medical emergency related to his allergies we have always kept EpiPens on hand, both in the house and at school. He’s going back to school next week so we needed another one.

They wanted four hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of EpiPens, and the ones they had on hand had expiration dates in December.

Four hundred and fifty fucking dollars for something that, if you don’t have it on hand when you need it, you’re very likely to die. $100 more than the last time we ordered them, and the last time we ordered them they were also obscenely expensive.

Go ahead. Ask if we have insurance.

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6 thoughts on “I hate it here

  1. That’s just ridiculous! I know I had this prescription for eye drops and it was a hundred and fifty dollars I had to pay out of pocket, and it turned out that it was the totally wrong prescription given because the doctor was an idiot, and so I was out that money. (When I was a sub teacher, I was really concerned because I’d had PB&J for lunch, and I asked about practices, especially in classrooms labelled with a peanut allergy warning. They were like “don’t worry about it” but of course I did, so I switched to sunflower nut butter. Just in case.)


    1. I’ve always supported universal health insurance and care being free or extremely cheap at point of delivery. I’m just not religious about how we get there. I have nothing against M4A.


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