In which we breathe

The board meeting is still going on right now, and they haven’t voted yet (but school starts in 9 days, so they’re not going back to the drawing board) but it looks like we’re not going to be back to face-to-face instruction until the first week of October at least, and there are indications that they’re at least beginning to prepare for the possibility that we won’t be back at all this year. Supposedly there will be a determination in mid-September about whether that October return date is happening or not, so we’ll have a two-week warning or so about what the plan is at that time.

The one thing I don’t like: they seem to want teachers back in our buildings for the duration during e-learning. Which, on one hand, I kind of get, and I don’t know that there’s a lot of health concern about me sitting alone in my classroom all day long, but this is my setup at home:

Versus at work, it’s me and my lil’ school-issued laptop. I am much better set up for e-learning from home than I ever will be at work, and other than giving principals a way to keep an eye on us I don’t see a strong benefit to keeping us in the buildings.

That said, I expect them to back off on this particular rule pretty quickly, and knowing that I won’t be in front of kids for seven or eight weeks is a relief. For right now, I can take a deep breath and figure out what’s next.

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  1. Our school district is also starting the year with e-learning. Which is good; I don’t need to get a letter from my Oncologist. I was prepared to change to an online school if necessary.

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  2. Oregon is also Distance Learning to start. We’re doing 1st quarter online, and then assessing in October for a possible November return. I doubt we will be back in-person anytime in the near future.


  3. DC is also doing online learning until mid fall and go from there. Most of the DCPS teachers are delighted to be working from home, but some parents (specially with young ones) aren’t so excited about the idea. Hoping for better days!


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