In which my eyes are still there

In case any of you were wondering if it was reasonable for me to expect to be able to come home from my surgery and sleep for fourteen hours, the answer is yes, that is perfectly reasonable, and frankly if my wife didn’t regularly get up at ass o’clock in the morning, it could have been a few hours longer.

I have had my one-day follow-up appointment already and have had my eyes proclaimed “perfect,” by which I assume they mean “perfect for twenty hours after the surgery,” because as of right now my vision is still blurrier than I want, although there’s no real pain or discomfort to speak of. I’ve been cleared for screens and reading, but I’m going to try to stay mostly away from both until later today, at which point I will give y’all a fuller report. For now, I’m going to use the day to rewatch Season One of The Mandalorian, just for the hell of it.

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6 thoughts on “In which my eyes are still there

  1. Ah yes, the eye protectors they want you to wear. Spouse only had to wear them at night, taped to his face. I called them his “fly eyes”!

    The blur should get better. I remember spouse saying that he could tell his eyesight was better as soon as he walked out of the surgery building…he could actually identify the “stop” letters painted on the drive in front of the building, something he’d never been able to do without his glasses before.

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