In which I am sitting in the dark

Some nimrod drilled through a buried power cable, knocking my house and about six others off the grid, and there are giant trucks parked in my driveway because of it. We have flashlights but I really don’t want to be staring at devices because it’ll screw my eyes up and plus I have no way to recharge anything. Supposedly we’ll be back online by bedtime but I’m not holding my breath.

So short, boring post tonight. Spend the evening going through the archives, if you like.

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2 thoughts on “In which I am sitting in the dark

  1. A neighbor a couple of doors down decided to save money on an arborist and hired a couple of guys off Craigslist to trim her tree. You can imagine how that went. When I got home, one of them came running up to tell me there might be a live line in my backyard. Where my dogs were.

    (It wasn’t live, they were fine.)

    I hope these people receive staggering fines.

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    1. There were trucks from the power company in my neighborhood until after I left for work this morning. They must have put a stopgap together to get everybody back up and running and then kept working on it through the night. Turns out there are worse jobs than teaching. 🙂

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