New Jayashree story!

UnknownWarrior Jayashree and the Roc is written and finished.

Oh, you don’t see it on here anywhere?

It’s because it’s the first exclusive post on my new Patreon.


Holy crap, guys, this is terrifying.  I mean, I was jumpy when I released Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 out into the wild a few years ago, but somehow the notion that I’ve gotten uppity enough to ask people to send me a little bit of money every month basically just because they like my work is humbling and terrifying and maybe I’m gonna throw up and please just one or two of you buy into this?  Please?

I’ve been going back and forth on this for a while, and I think I’ve come up with a reward structure I like and a use for the page– there are going to be lots of microfiction-type stuff posted there, along with some short stories as I write them, deleted scenes, stuff like that.  I might eventually post what I got written of Sunlight before it fell apart; who knows?

But anyway:  I’m currently supporting about five or six people on Patreon to the tune of $2 or so a month.  I would be humbled and honored if anybody out there feels like I’m worth that much, and if you happen to have some money burning holes in your pocket and want to throw in more, awesome.  And hey– new Jayashree story!  Everybody loves Jayashree, right?

(I love Jayashree.  I might love Jayashree more than Brazel.  Don’t tell him.)

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6 thoughts on “New Jayashree story!

  1. I’m in for $5. You should also give an option at $2 or $3. I’d bet a bunch of $1 subscribers would go to$2.

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    1. See, now I realize I should have waited until after I pledged before I opened my big mouth. Of course you can edit the amounts.

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      1. Heh. I was actually trying to think of a $2-3 reward tier and couldn’t come up with anything I liked. I can always add tiers if I have good ideas (or steal them) though.

        Thanks so much, by the way. 🙂


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