Because it’s making me nuts

I will take second to no one in my disgust with the loathsome beast currently shitting up the cushions in the White House, but somehow I’m STILL seeing articles and Tweets criticizing him for not attending Barbara Bush’s funeral and while I would prefer to never have to defend him ever it is starting to affect my calm. Folks, it is settled precedent that sitting Presidents, legitimate or otherwise, do not typically attend the funerals of First Ladies. Obama did not attend Nancy Reagan’s or Betty Ford’s. Clinton skipped a couple. Bush skipped at least one that I recall. They all sent their respective First Ladies. Previous Presidents attend. The current one does not.

I am not terribly interested in dying on the foothills of Mount Whogivesashit over this, and it is also undeniable fact that Barbara Bush openly despised his low-class ass and would surely have risen from her casket to devour the souls of all in attendance had he been there, but the shitgibbon gets a pass on this one.

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