So I literally just realized this a few minutes ago, while on the toilet, no less: I’ve been hemming and hawing about writing the TLJ review– have been actively avoiding doing it, in fact– because Star Wars fandom has been showing their collective asses in a big, big way this week, and oh Jesus Christ am I so very tired of Star Wars fans.

I used to love y’all.  You used to be my people.  I spent three fucking days in line for Episode One, and it still ranks as a treasured memory.  We all had a blast.

It was the last time being a Star Wars fan was fun.

Look at this nonsense for a second:


The person who put this together does not remember spending three years wondering if Vader was really Luke’s father, guys.  If you want to talk about divisive Star Wars movies, we can start with that shit.  And I am tired, so very fucking tired, of people taking an entertainment franchise that goes in a different direction than they expected and interpreting it as a very personal Attack on Their Childhood.

Fuck your childhood.

(Another reason I haven’t written the piece yet: there’s a piece going around called The Last Jedi Doesn’t Care What You Think About Star Wars– And That’s Why It’s Great. Chances are you’ve seen it, since I imagine anyone reading this is pretty much guaranteed to be some flavor of geek anyway. I coulda written that article, guys, and it’s kinda thrown a monkeywrench into me writing my own piece.)

But anyway.

I loved the goddamn movie.  Loved the goddamn movie, and having waited a week to talk about it has not cooled my ardor, nor has it caused me to abandon the fact that I’ve apparently managed to deem two Star Wars movies in a row my new favorite Star Wars movie.  I have!  It’s true.  And my favorite behind those two?  Fuck you, it’s Return of the Jedi, considered the least of the Original Trilogy films by the type of person who claims to be a Star Wars fan but when pressed will tell you they hate every single one of the films except for ANH and Empire.

So, yeah.  Fuck those guys.  I’m tired of Star Wars fans.

But I loved the movie.  Maybe now that I’ve got this bullshit off my chest, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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  1. The underlying problem with the Star Wars fandom (as I see it) is the same as exists in other societal ills–entitlement. Some people feel that they have ownership over it in a way that others are not allowed. That’s why you get the resentment over the diverse cast, the resentment that they’re not getting the fairy tale that makes them feel good about themselves, and they’re angry about it.
    I very much enjoyed TLJ. My one big complaint is the Poe arc. Spoilers. Though I was very happy to see that the “rebellious man who knows more than his female superior and shows her up with his heroic rebelliousness by knowing more than her and being braver than her” was subverted in the way that it was (he is responsible for the escape plan failing and for countless lost lives) he faces no consequences for this. Leia and Holdo both specifically say that they like him. He held Holdo at gunpoint, refused to believe she had any competence at all, and messed up her escape plan, and she likes him?? Maybe I’m just super sick of the rebel pilot who bucks authority and refuses to listen to anyone else trope, but watching Poe get everyone around him killed did not endear him to me. I realize that a lot of people like him, and I don’t have a problem with him, in theory, but I wish he would face som f***ing consequences for his actions, other than oops, his plan failed.


    1. (And when I use the word “entitlement,” I’m using it to refer to certain groups of people feeling like they have more right to people/places/things/stories than others, and not to things like social security. Just to be clear.)


  2. Haven’t seen it yet … plans hijacked, etc … but will return for commenting purposes after I do … agree about the ‘wrecked childhood’ snowflakes though. 🙂


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