Ow holy god shit ow OW in which I don’t OW go to the OW hospital OW but maybe OW I should? Ow.

Jaws_Wired_Shut.pngI swear this just happened: I was getting my son ready for bed– read him a story and all– and was sort of wrestling and tickling and playing with him and he entirely accidentally elbowed me in the jaw and I swear to God he hit it just right and dislocated the fucking thing.  And like half a second later I just reached up with my hand and somehow, like, popped it back into place?  And there was a few seconds of absolutely tremendous horrifying pain and maybe another readjustment or two and now my whole face just feels swollen and weird and okay I can talk and I just ate something and I’m not dying but my face is not supposed to feel like this.  

Is that even a possible thing?  That my kid might have knocked my jaw out of place with an elbow and that I just put it back a half-second later without knowing what I was doing or even thinking about it?  Because really ow I didn’t like that very much but I feel like maybe I fixed it?

Also: ow.

5 thoughts on “Ow holy god shit ow OW in which I don’t OW go to the OW hospital OW but maybe OW I should? Ow.

  1. This is entirely possible. The jaw, like a shoulder, is able to dislocate and relocate with these types of injuries. Just check your TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint) for swelling, and do a basic first-aid treatment on it. Go to the doctor (if you can afford it: omg the US prices are unbelievable), and check for correct placement of your jaw. It’s a ball and socket thingy. Weirdly.


    1. I dunno. There’s no visible swelling this morning, but there’s still this lingering not-pain-but-a-vague-sense-of-wrongness going on. I’ve got full mobility in my jaw, though. Weird.


  2. peacetoublog

    Glad you’re feeling better and though I don’t really know about these things maybe it’s worth getting it checked? Never know if you may have pinched a nerve when pushing it back if you’re still in a lot of pain?


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