On my priorities

Priority.jpgLeft work tonight hungry as hell and decided I really, really needed some tacos.  Which is an impulse that I ought to curb anyway, frankly.  I ordered a certain number of items and paid for them and drove away.

I started eating the tacos on the way home, because I am a fucking animal apparently, and it immediately became clear that the young woman behind the window really was in her first few days on the job (I had a hunch) because half of my food was missing.  Realistically, I probably should have noted that the bag was way lighter than it ought to have been.

I ate what they gave me, didn’t go back, and haven’t called the restaurant to complain, because the thought of doing any of those things exhausts me and fuck it it’s five bucks or whatever that I wasted.  I just cannot be fucked to complain to a fast food restaurant that they screwed me out of $5 worth of shitty soft tacos.

So: am I a pushover, or is it OK that I value my time that much more than my money?  And possibly my health, since the food they gave me turned out to be enough anyway and I didn’t really need the extra tacos?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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3 thoughts on “On my priorities

  1. I’d say that since you already said you really should cut back on the damn tacos, the universe granted the wish you didn’t even know you made. And $5 is a pretty small amount of money (spoken as a woman with enough money to not go hungry, ymmv). I probably wouldn’t bother going back either. Your time is worth more, and spending it going BACK and complaining vs going home and getting more sleep? Eh, sleep wins every time for me!

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  2. I don’t think it’s being a pushover. I’ll go back if something’s super wrong but if it was that same scenario, where I probably ordered too much and I was tired, I’d say fuck it and let the girl avoid getting in trouble.

    Side note: got my whole order at Taco Bell free a couple weeks ago. There were only 2 cars in line ahead of me but it took 10-12 minutes before I got to the window. Once I did, I could see two employees screaming at each other for over 5 minutes while nobody acknowledged me or took my payment. Finally an exasperated third kid came to the window, opened it intent on taking my payment, when the dude in the argument behind him declared that the girl in the argument was a “FAKE-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!” Exasperated kid shut the window, told them to calm down, and when he eventually came back with my food I still had my debit card in my hand and he said don’t worry about it.


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