On nomenclature


So it hit me the other day that I don’t actually know what the hell a pantsuit is– or, at least, I don’t know why pantsuits are called pantsuits.  I mean, I know what a suit is, but suits always involve pants.  So why, when it’s being worn by a woman, do we refer to them as pantsuits, when the part that is actually different from a suit that a man might wear is not the suit but instead the jacket?

We should call them blousesuits or something, is what I’m saying.  Or maybe just suits.  Also, I want formal wear in all of those colors, goddammit.  Not being able to go out in public in an orange suit is absolutely the worst thing about being a white man.

(Which is to say: being a white man is awesome, because that’s literally our worst problem. Y’all should try it, if you aren’t one already.)

EDIT: Being taken to task over this via text message at the moment.  “Pantsuit,” because until not too long ago women’s suits had to involve skirts and pants were the exception, not the rule.  Got it.   I still say I should be able to go out in public in bright colors, goddammit.

Stand by, I’m trying to come up with a secondary topic that isn’t whiny.


4 thoughts on “On nomenclature

  1. Also, some of Hil’s pantsuits are probably more Mao suits, but there is also the Zoot Suit from the 1920s and 1930s, which tend to be flashier menswear, historically I think worn by blacks and Latinos. (Personally, I just call them suits.)


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