In which I spend money I don’t have

2017-Ford-Escape-Left-Front-Angle.jpgNo, I didn’t buy a new car, but I’m thinking about it: I’m at a Ford dealership right now getting a recall repair done (for free) and literally just as I was sitting down to write this post I got an email with an estimate for all the repairs they think the car needs and it’s roughly 1 1/2 times the actual value of the car.  It’s running well for something that is about to fall the fuck apart, but even the shit that’s in BRIGHT RED SCREAMING HOLY SHIT YOU’RE GOING TO DIE font adds up to “may as well total the thing” territory.  So I’ve been sitting here in the dealership for an hour already and there’s possibly as much as another two before I can leave, so fuck it, I’m researching new cars.

I don’t really need another SUV.  I was driving a two-door Toyota Yaris (which I loved) when the boy came along, and upgrading to something with four doors seemed like a critical necessity what with several years of car seats in our future, and we’d been through a spate of scenarios where we’d had to borrow other people’s cars to move stuff right around the same time.  The Yaris, despite being tiny, rode really high, and I quickly discovered that after driving that and then an SUV I don’t ever want to sit down in a car ever again, eliminating virtually every sedan on the market.  I want to climb into my seat so that I don’t have to grunt like some sort of animal when I get out of it.  Despite its age, I’ve been pretty happy with the current (’01) Escape, so replacing it with another seems reasonable.  I just sat down and priced one out on the internet, and discovered to my mild amusement that I could put myself into a new Escape for a lower monthly cost than a Kia Soul (my other leading choice) would end up being, despite the Escape being a few thousand dollars more expensive.  Plus: union-made, a big plus.

(The punch line is I probably could afford a new car if I could just curb my comic book habit and dial back on how often I pay for meals.  That is insane, but true.  Today’s post was very nearly about how comic books are better now than I remember them being at any point in my life.  It’s crazy how much money I’m spending on comics every week.  Crazy.)

I am aware used cars exist, mind you.  And I know the current car was bought used and worked out okay.  I just… nah.  I know about driving shit off the lot and it losing half its value and all that nonsense.  And every computer I’ve ever bought has been obsolete when I bought it, and my Xbox will eventually be on sale for half what I just paid for it, and blah blah blah.  Shit loses value.  Welcome to reality.  I don’t plan on trying to resell anything I buy in two years; this is not worth worrying about at the moment.

Maybe I should get working on the new book before I do something stupid.

6 thoughts on “In which I spend money I don’t have

  1. You could do that thing where every time you go to buy a comic you put the money aside instead until you have enough for a car. Or you could ignore me and do what we all know you’re going to do anyway 😀

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  2. I love my 2014 Escape. When the lease expires next year, I’ll probably get another one (unless I find I don’t like the stop/start transmission that they’re going to put in the 2017 vehicles). Personally, I think it makes sense to keep a vehicle only until the repairs start piling up – once it gets to the point where a repair costs more than the down payment on a new (or gently used) vehicle, I think it’s time to turn it in.


  3. A couple of years ago, I was between an Escape and a Toyota Rav4. My uncle, who does auto bodywork for a living (he’s the guy that fixes your car when you’re in a crash), told me to stay away from Ford because they are a huge hassle and expensive to repair. He wanted me to go with a Jeep, but those things get crap for mileage. So I went with the Rav4, and I’ve loved it ever since. Just some food for thought 🙂

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