In which I approve of motherhood

Big thumbs up to all the moms out there.  Please continue to, as they say, do you.  Or not, if you’d prefer otherwise.

xfy9qj9cheppk0yhxf8t.gifMy brother and his fiancee are in town for the holiday, and we got together yesterday to go over details for the ceremony, which I’m officiating– totally a bucket list item checked off there.  I am currently on my fourth draft of the benediction, and by “fourth draft” I mean I have written three entirely different speeches and rejected all of them, including one that was nearly entirely references to movies and TV shows and songs that I mostly wrote to get it out of my system.  My own proclivities as a writer are sort of working against me here; I do sincerity best when seasoned with anger and outrage, and… well, that’s not entirely appropriate to standing in front of a roomful of a couple hundred friends and family and the occasional random stranger and marrying my brother off.  I need to do genuine sincerity here, and sincerity about life and love and a whole lot of other things that my Midwestern sensibilities make me occasionally reticent about speaking of in front of other people, and I need to do it without using the word “bullshit” or saying “labia” even once because that will scandalize people and apparently the officiant at a wedding isn’t supposed to do that.

There were meow jokes in one of the drafts.  This is the level I’ve descended to.  You can see there is still some work to be done.

Maybe one meow.

On the other hand, I managed to work a Princess Bride reference into the ceremony itself, so I probably ought not to press my luck any further.

Now turn the computer off and go hug your mom.  Or the nearest available mom surrogate.

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