Some post-voting #INPrimary thoughts


I didn’t get a goddamn sticker.

Let’s start with some general stuff:  demographically and politically, Indiana ought to be an easy Sanders win.  Not only is the state 86% white, which should all by itself indicate a Sanders win (he’s only won three states less than 85% white, and twelve of thirteen more than that) but we’re an open primary, meaning that whoever wants to pick up a Democratic ballot can do so.  Somehow, though, every poll I’ve seen so far has Clinton ahead, although none by an especially impressive margin.

Also interesting is that Hillary appears to have completely ignored the state, or at least ignored the northern media markets.  Sanders, Cruz and Trump have all had rallies in my city in the last week.  Clinton, as far as I know, had one small event a few towns over and that was the closest she ever got.  I’ve heard radio ads for Sanders, Cruz, and Trump, and seen commercials for Sanders, Cruz, and Trump.  My neighborhood was canvassed by volunteers for Sanders, Cruz, and Trump.  I’ve seen yard signs for Sanders, Cruz, and Trump.  It’s like Hillary’s not even running.  If ever there actually was a silent majority, Hillary Clinton supporters in Indiana are it.

(Note, for the record: every adult I know save one who has told me their preference and lives in Indiana is voting for her.  I know that’s anecdata, but I know Hillary’s people are out there, they’re just being really quiet.)

Cruz’s yard signs are square and weird, by the way.  I’ll update with a picture if I manage to spot one I can actually photograph. Trump’s going to win the state something huge; Cruz was done the second he uttered the phrase “basketball ring” and an endorsement by our enormously unpopular governor is not going to help him.  I don’t think anyone, anywhere should be voting for Trump but I can’t say I mind being a citizen of the state that finally drove a stake into that asshole’s heart.

More specifically, now, and hopefully I do have some readers from elsewhere in the state who can let me know what else is going on:  I voted at about exactly 9:00 in the morning and was voter #128 in my precinct.  There was a line of about a dozen people ahead of me, which has never happened before, and that voter number is higher than usual by quite a bit too.  Our state (maybe just the county? no idea) has switched with this election to using “PollPads” which is basically an iPad app that scans your driver’s license and verifies your address and then  you have to tell it which ballot you want.

With just twelve people in front of me, at 9:00 in the morning, the following happened:

  • One voter was not in the system.  When asked, he said he’d been living at his address for 3 years but– wait for it– had not updated his registration.  This is a clear case of voter dipshittery and the guy was old enough to bloody well know better.  He threw a fit anyway.
  • Two different voters, both elderly, were clearly unused to using iPads for anything and chose the wrong political party.  The poll worker was also elderly and hadn’t been confirming people’s choices with them before hitting the final “accept” button.  They were both told to call a number to get it fixed and wait 20 minutes or so while something got changed in “the system,” and the old man threw a fit, meaning I witnessed two old man fits in less than fifteen minutes.  He flatly refused to call any damn phone number because this was a democracy.  I am not sure what those two things have to do with one another.  At any rate, he got his ballot for the right party (you get two guesses which one, and the first one doesn’t count) and voted without making the call, at which point the poll-worker-in-chief chewed out the poor lady who was handling the iPad right in front of God and everybody for not verifying the parties.  I’m not sure what happened with the other lady.
  • Maybe we train our poll workers better?  The dude was an asshole for yelling at the poll workers but he’s not wrong that they should be double-checking shit, and the notion that you should have to wait 20 minutes for someone off-site to adjust your party choice before you vote is ridiculous.
  • There was one registration iPad.  I don’t know what happens if it crashes.  Polls close at 6, so that last hour is always hectic as hell as people get off work and streak for their polling place.  The lines are going to be fucking ridiculous.
  • Maybe we test this system on a year when there isn’t a Presidential primary, guys?
  • Oh, wait, Republican governor, I’m not surprised at all.  And I’ve also heard from a friend of mine who works polls at a tiny precinct in Amish country that they have two of the damn PollPads.  Gee, I wonder why a small polling place in Amish country might have two and a busier one in the city might only have one?

So.  Yeah.  Potential clusterfuck in the making, here.  We’ll see how it goes.

One thought on “Some post-voting #INPrimary thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. Always helpful to know how the voting is going at the precinct level in places I could never observe first hand.

    Hillary did seem to ignore the state. She spend almost nothing in IN, as far as I’ve seen. Thinks she’s got the larger contest in the bag. The math says she’s right, but if I had been advising her, I’d still have suggested going hard at Indiana and trying to land a knockout.

    Bernie can still do her a lot of damage.


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