Oh, why not: #Hugo awards eligibility post

Unknown.pngRumor has it that Hugo nominations are going to open up next week, and I have two– count ’em, two! different works that will be eligible for nomination.

(Yes, indie authors are eligible.  I checked.)

The first is my novel The Sanctum of the Sphere, published in April of 2015.  This would obviously be eligible for the Best Novel Hugo.  You are a ridiculous person if you nominate Sanctum for Best Novel.  I wrote Sanctum.  I really like it.  I think you would really like it if you haven’t read it.  But it’s not in Best Novel territory.  (I love you to death if you’d actually consider it.  You’re crazy, but I love you.  Also, keep reading.)

My second eligible work is my short story Warrior Jayashree and the Young, published on this site on May 6, 2015.  Jayashree is eligible in the Best Short Story category.  And … well, I really like this story, and I’ve read previous nominees, and damn it, I think it’s competitive with a number of them.

I have no idea how many people other than myself are reading this that are eligible to cast ballots or nominate (you have to be a member of WorldCon to do that,) and I do not plan to nominate my own work.  But I would be very grateful to discover that Jayashree passed muster with a couple of people.

(Note that I am not eligible for the John W. Campbell award, as that one does specify professional publication.)

I will be attending WorldCon this year one way or another, as it’s in Kansas City and we have friends there.  I’m hoping to be there in a professional capacity (as a vendor) and obviously to be a nominee would be insane, but I’m not crazy.  Still, it’d be nice to see a vote or two, if anyone is able and willing to do so.

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    1. I suspect we’re in for at least one more shitty year, although I’ve not been monitoring the places most likely to originate said shit. I suppose I could find out early if I wanted to.


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