Hey, just wondering

Who else is super excited about getting their end-of-the-year report from WordPress?

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12 thoughts on “Hey, just wondering

  1. I am kind of new to this, I don’t understand how it all works yet. I know I do wish more people would read and give constructive criticism. I didn’t know they gave an annual report. My numbers will be pretty low. Good to know though! 🙂

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    1. Honestly, the best way to get more comments and likes is to read and interact with other blogs. Once folks start recognizing your name and your face they tend to start following you back to your own site. 🙂

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  2. Mine will be a picture of the plateauiest plateau that ever plateaued, but after the way that one entry exploded for you, I can’t wait to see your eyes grow five sizes larger when you see yours. 😀


  3. I’m not entirely sure what to expect… I’ve only been blogging since September. I’m sure next year’s end-of-year report will be much more conclusive.


  4. Nah, my stats are crap but I’m starting to extend myself into the flash fiction world and part time monster weekend coffee share. Just have to remember to link my blog. And maybe not whine so much in my posts!


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