Blogwanking, etc.

It would be super cool if one or two of you would spend like an hour or two going through the archives tonight.  September’s been kinda slow.

I never actually talked about how Sanctum did during the #SilerSaturday sale this weekend.  The answer is “pretty damn good,” I think– the book moved 173 free copies in a day, not as many as Skylights did during its first free day, but I also had a whopping seven sales on that day– six of Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1and one of Skylights.  It topped out around #1140 in overall free books and somewhere near the top twenty in genre.  Which ain’t bad, for a sequel.

For perspective’s sake, that triples the number of copies of Sanctum that are out there in the wild, and it’s even made September a slightly higher-than-average sales month as well, especially for a month without a book launch.  If I see another pre-order or two of Searching for Malumba tomorrow, I’ll be damned happy with how September went.

The free book this weekend is Skylights again, incidentally, and I’m stretching it out over Saturday and Sunday this time– mostly because The Martian is out in theaters this weekend, and I’m hoping to capitalize on a bit of synergy.

You should see The Martian.  And then come home and buy my book.

More tomorrow.  I’ve been crazy quiet lately, I know.  I’ll explain why soon.

4 thoughts on “Blogwanking, etc.

  1. Kara Jorgensen

    After what I experienced today, I would suggest trying to running a free day on a Tuesday. Had a ton of freebies downloaded today (744 so far) versus the 150 I had downloaded a few Saturdays ago.

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      1. Kara Jorgensen

        That’s what I said! I did it as an experiment after noticing I’m more likely to download something I see off a Bookbub or ENT newsletter during the week than on the weekend.


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