captainmericaA true story:

I was out of the classroom today, again, taking care of some bidness that needed taking care of.  During part of said bidness I needed to go around to each and every grade-level teacher in the building, some of them twice, and get them to sign and date something.

I had the following conversation, I am not joking, every single time, right down to the under-the-breath profanity:

MR. SILER: <hands teacher clipboard and pen> Sign here, date here, verify this here.
TEACHER:  <verifies, signs, stares off into space for a second> What’s the date today?
MR. SILER: September 11th.
TEACHER:  Oh…  Shit.  I feel terrible.  Of course it is.

I was commiserating with, oh, the first three or four, and after that just started making fun of people.  Because, again: I had this conversation with every single teacher.  The best one was the one who was literally showing a video about 9/11 while I was in the room.