#Weekendcoffeeshare: things are looking up


If we were having coffee, you might notice that I was eyeing the cup rather warily.  I haven’t touched coffee in a week (note here that this is not a metaphor, but represents a thing that is actually happening as I’m typing this) and I’m hoping that this cup isn’t going to trigger the shakes and shivers like my last cup did, because if it does the next post really is going to have to be called Weekend Milk Share.

(Drinks 1/3 of cup, initially feels fine)

Anyway, I took my blood pressure last night with my new blood pressure cuff, which is a thing that I have now, and it was firmly in the “prehypertensive” range, which isn’t necessarily good but is hella improved over the holy shit you’re gonna die range of a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve lost nine pounds in August, too.  So… getting better.

Sooner or later we’d get around to talking about school.  The first week went well.  Too 

And then– right there, that exact second, as I’m about to post something positive for once, in a month that has been almost nothing but stress and negativity and bullshit since the second it started, my wife’s elderly cat tumbles off of the arm of the chair we’re both sitting in onto the floor in a massive seizure.

It’s about two and a half hours later.  He’s gone.

Fuck you, August.  Fuck.  You.

12 thoughts on “#Weekendcoffeeshare: things are looking up

  1. niaaeryn

    I am just soooo sorry to hear about your wife’s cat. That is tertible. Still, it lived to be a senior, so that was a good run, but terrible way to go so quickly like that. I am sorry.
    I truly hope your September is better. Best wishes there.
    As to August…not over yet though. I would flip it the bird on the very last day to not tempt Murphy ‘ s Law too much. Freaking August.


  2. Oh no 😦
    Condolences on the cat, those losses can be so hard.
    Hopefully September will be better — and congrats on the weight loss! I need to get moving on that myself… and I hope you can get back to coffee soon!


      1. Excellent. I know there was a point when I was having some serious high Blood-pressure and I just had to knock out coffee for a little while and then was able to get back to it.


  3. Sorry about the cat. Take care of yourself, sir. Watch that blood pressure. Writing can be the cause of and/or the cure for that depending on whether or not you’re feeling in the zone.


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