In which a milestone is reached

1000I sold my thousandth book today, a feat that took a year and three weeks.  I feel pretty good about that, I think.

Sadly, that’s about all I feel good about at the moment.  I’m in a bit of a mood; yesterday’s weirdness has sorta carried over into today and I pretty much want to sleep for a thousand hours.  One for each book.

Five days of school left.  I can do this.

(I promise, I’ll be normal tomorrow.)

11 thoughts on “In which a milestone is reached

  1. rjfanucchi

    I’m expecting to sell half that much with my upcoming release. It’s the sad state of modern publishing. There’s just too much being published, a lot more than the demand merits. The market is over saturated.


  2. Congrats — you’re now a full adult. No, wait, that’s for when you reach 1000 years old if you’re an elf. My mistake. weird grin

    Seriously, though, that’s awesome.


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