YArtist: Yo-Yo
Best Album: Make Way for the Motherlode
Best Song: You Can’t Play With my Yo-Yo
This Letter Could Have Been About: Uhhh… YG, maybe?  Young MC?  One of the lesser Youngs?  Nah.

Why I’m Writing About This Artist: Uhh… this one’s kinda weak.  I’ll admit it.  I thought of Yo-Yo immediately for this letter, realizing after a couple of minutes that I really couldn’t come up with any other alternatives.  Everybody else on this list was someone I had music from on my computer already, and for most of them I still own the CDs I bought back when they were new.   I had to redownload Make Way for the Motherlode to make sure it held up, otherwise I was gonna be writing about Bust a Move, which I didn’t really want to do.

Here’s the good news:  Motherlode actually holds up pretty well.  Ice Cube discovered Yo-Yo, and has a prominent guest role on her most well-known song and a couple other spots on her debut album.  She’s talented, if perhaps not on his level.  This song at least is a classic, although she’s kind of a one-hit wonder.  It’s still worth a listen.

Have a video!:

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