REBLOG: Sikh Captain America: The Man Behind the Shield

I love this story, and the more attention it gets the better.

The Nerds of Color

Is America ready for a Sikh Captain America — a superhero fighting hate crimes and intolerance? In the wake of 9/11, the massacre of Sikh Americans in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and America post-Ferguson, my answer is a resounding yes! If superheroes can battle aliens, cyborgs, and fellow villainous superheroes, why can’t there be one that fights for social and racial justice?

In 2013, cartoonist Vishavjit Singh wore a Captain America costume for the first time with a royal blue turban to match his ensemble. The short documentary Red, White, and Beard is a quirky, lighthearted glance into Sikh Captain America and the man behind this growing phenomenon.

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  1. Thank you for putting up this post. Every word worth reading, I particularly warm to the idea that it not knowing and understand other viewpoints that really matters, it is being happy to accept all the differences.


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