An actual conversation I had with a parent yesterday

exhausted_zpsa4303e7bHi, Mr. Smith?  This is Mr. Siler, I’m the <job title> at <school>.  I have your daughter Sally with me right now.  Do you have a moment?

No, sir, she’s not in trouble.  In fact, she asked me to call you.

Yes, that’s correct.

Well, this morning she found me in the cafeteria and let me know that another student who sits near her had been smoking on the bus that morning.  She reported that he was smoking marijuana, but as it turned out it was just cherry-flavored tobacco.

Yes, we’ve concluded our investigation and the situation’s being dealt with.

Yes, I’m quite happy that she spoke up.  She did the right thing.  But that’s not why I’m calling.  Yes, this happened this morning.  Several hours ago.  I sent her to class right after she told me about it, but she’s only just now come back downstairs to my office.

Well, you see, Sally is very concerned that it’s possible that her clothing might still smell of this young man’s tobacco.  She… uh… she says that you tend to smell her clothes before doing the laundry, and she’s very upset at the possibility that you might smell the tobacco on her clothing and think she’s been smoking.

Yes.   She doesn’t want to get in trouble.  She wanted to call you herself, but I told her I thought the story might be more convincing coming from me.

Yes.  Really.  

No.  I smelled her sleeve– she, uh… she actually insisted that I do that.  And I need you to understand that smelling a student’s clothes is not exactly a day-to-day job task around here.  In fact I’ve been teaching for thirteen years and this is the first time a student has insisted that I smell them. I can’t smell a thing.  Honestly, sir, I think she’s a little nuts.  

Yes, she’s right here.  She’s laughing, in fact.  Would you like to talk to her?  Okay.  I’ll send her back to class, then.  Thank you.  Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I can see M insisting on making a call like this under similar circumstances back in those days. 😀


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