Is It Time For Dress Codes To Grow Up? A Feminist Friday Discussion

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School is fraught with all kinds of issues. Standardized tests to pass, social and behavioral issues to navigate. Bullying. And clothes. Don’t forget the clothes.

Apparently clothes are a big danger to our children. Specifically our boys. Well, not just clothes. But the girls who wear them. Their bodies and the clothes that they put on them are a distraction to our boys.

This is what the dress codes in many schools imply. It’s also what is frequently cited as justification for singling out girls in violation of dress codes.

Some girls are fighting back. A group of middle school girls from Evanston, Illinois protested when their school banned leggings. More than 500 people signed a petition and students showed up for class wearing leggings and yoga pants carrying signs that read “Are My Pants Lowering Your Test Scores?” Another group of middle school girls from New Jersey…

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  1. I’ll be interested to hear your reaction. I’m such a long way out of this now, and my reactions are confused. I think there may be a lot to be said in favour of uniforms, so no one has to get up in the morning and waste time/anxiety/money etc deciding what to wear.


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