Daily Prompt: An Ounce of Home

(Doing the Daily Post today.  Why?  Because a part of my Writing Process that I didn’t talk about a couple of days ago is that occasionally I get blocked out of my damn mind and spend four hours staring at a computer screen like a jackass.  Which is what I’ve been doing this morning in between half-assed attempts to figure out a way to market my book/blog/Twitter feed/entire life.  Screw it; YOU tell ME what to write about.

Of course, now that I’ve typed that, I gotta go wander around my house until I can figure out what the answer is.  BAH.)

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?

(Seriously, walks around the house for ten minutes.)


Going about this shit all wrong.  Small object?  Cool, I’m bringing a cell phone.  Loaded to the gills with pictures and videos and oh, wait, you can call people with that too?  Awesome.

Oh, that’s cheating?  Okay.

(There’s no rules!  It’s not cheating!  Shut up!)

Fine.  This:

photoThat?  Is my thinkin’ rock, and chances are I should have gone and gotten it out of my desk before now, because my brain’s all screwed up and useless today and I kinda need it.  It’s a rock, with a depression in it to rub your thumb on.  It is a singularly useless object.


Here’s what you’re really doing when you’re bringing something to “remind you of home.”  You’re bringing something with you to stimulate thinking.  The thinkin’ rock (I swear WordPress you correct thinkin’ to thinking’ one more time and I’ll kill you) is surprisingly calming, actually, for something that literally only exists to provide you a surface to rub your thumb on.  You’d think you could rub your thumb on just about anything, provided it wasn’t, like, sharp or something:  no!  The thinkin’ rock is literally specifically designed for thumb-rubbing.  It’s better!

(It’s also not as… wet?… as it looks in the picture, which makes it look kinda creepy.)

Thinkin’ rock reminds me to think.  Thinking, in this case, is the same as reminiscing, which a good way to kick back and think about your family.

Better, mind you, to bring them with you.  Or at least the damn phone.  But I’ll take the rock too.  I got big pockets.

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13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: An Ounce of Home

  1. Hello, and thanks for the liking of one of my posts. Apparently, thou art quite busy in the conveyance of personal insights, and to such practice a hearty applause. While lacking immensely the talent you possess, it does render hope for one such as I.



  2. Hahahahahaha 😀 I was having coffee while reading this and I nearly choked. I’m sorry but I have to say this, you sounded so cute while getting all riled up 🙂 P.S. I love your thinking rock by the way 🙂

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  3. I have a gratitude rock. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it after I return from vacation.


  4. my thinkin rock is whatever pad of post-its is within reach; it gets folded double and i run my fingers over the paper edges to make a little fzzzzzzz thing happpen, which is very satisfying both physically and aurally. and it’s something my hands can do while i’m trying to make my brain read or think or… you know, function in any way as more than a lump of what is essentially electrified fat.

    (as a related aside, years ago when we took billy to the psychologist to find out why our clearly bright-as-fuck child was turning into a puddle of retarded every time anyone addressed a request of any kind to him, the dude suggested we let him chew gum in school; apparently there’s some shared (or whatever… my own ability to focus and recall can also be found somewhere in that same puddle) connection between keeping the tongue busy and concentrating on shit. i didn’t tell the dude that i have a piece of gum in my mouth literally from the moment i’m done brushing my teeth in the morning until i brush them again at night, and i can’t concentrate on shit for shinola. but nevertheless, if i had to go on an extended journey with one small object, you can bet your ass it would be a pack of gum.)


    1. The site this came from is linked in the first sentence of the post. Most of my nonsense comes out of my head. Which, unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to share just yet. 🙂


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