Credit where it’s due

LearningTestingThe ISTEP went off more or less completely without a hitch today; the closest thing to a complaint that I have is that I probably should have swapped late-afternoon groups with the other teacher who was administering tests today, because somehow I ended up with mostly her kids and she ended up with mostly my kids.  The technical issues that destroyed several days of last year’s testing were close to nonexistent today and when they did show up were easily dealt with.   I don’t have much of a sense of how they did, but they didn’t seem terribly upset by the test; I decided this year that I was going to do my best to pay no attention to their answers.  I can’t affect it anyway at this point; their scores are what they are.  I haven’t tested my 8th graders yet– they’re tomorrow– but we got through the first day so I can’t imagine that subsequent days are likely to get worse.

The disadvantage: I didn’t think losing my prep period was going to be that terrible of a problem, but I think I need to bring snacks or something with me to work tomorrow, because I ended the day exhausted and have been eating like a fiend since I got home.  I’m literally pausing between sentences right now to rub queso dip all over my face like some sort of animal; I wish my tongue were longer because that would make eating it easier.  I’ve got the exact same schedule tomorrow except worse, since I’m staying after school to do my Algebra tutoring group, so I won’t be home until six or so.  Gotta bring some granola or something.

More fiction tonight, I hope– I ended up getting 4500 words written yesterday, which is *awesome*.  I won’t equal that tonight but if I can get another thousand down it’ll be a good day.  Maybe another blog post, too, once my brain wakes up.  Whee!

One thought on “Credit where it’s due

  1. Ghighi

    Must be nice. I was at a REAL Disadvantage being the first to test with kinks and everything. SHE got too involved during her panic attacks and everything and was more of a disruption than anything. I saw that SHE calmed down by today and was able to sit in her office and let the teachers do their job. All that work all year for a one hour test that was probably destroyed for my girls. I will fill you in later but I am sure you know who SHE is. Yes. Im pissed.


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