The highlight of the day…

shut up…was hearing about a student who explained to her teacher that she needed to go see the nurse because “the color was coming off” of her skin.

That’s new.

Didn’t actually happen to me, though.  I’m exhausted beyond anything that’s reasonable right now; I got a decent amount of sleep last night and despite a couple of Tweets to the contrary I had a decent day at work, although my worst group was easily my Honors class, which 1) rarely happens and 2) tends to annoy me out of proportion to their behavior.

It’s 7:13.  If I’m in bed in 45 minutes I’m not going to be surprised about it.

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One thought on “The highlight of the day…

  1. I so miss the days when the excuse was “The dog ate my homework.” You could walk down the hallway without an armed guard and “I have a headache” wasn’t cause for searching your purse for contraband –like aspirin.


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