Terrible Decisions: the plumberation

photoOrrighty then.  Plumber’s been here, and the new hardware for the new faucet is installed and ready to be cement-boarded back out of existence.  And at a fairly reasonable cost, too, especially since everything I saw him do convinced me that there’s no way I had any business trying to get that done myself.

I kinda wish it wasn’t a two-person job to cut the cement board accurately or I’d try getting that done today, since I’m home from work on account of Polar Vortex again.

I’m planning on working on Benevolence Archives all day today, so if you’ve been following that you can look forward to an update this afternoon or early evening sometime.


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4 thoughts on “Terrible Decisions: the plumberation

    1. To be clear, I didn’t spend even a single second contemplating installing the valve myself once I saw what was inside the box. Once the wall was open and I’d looked at the scope of work, I went straight to “nope” without hesitation. 🙂


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