In which hopefully this isn’t the peak of my day

Stage One of Really Long Saturday is complete:  I have successfully cooked and eaten a large breakfast, featuring eggs and hash browns; I really wish there was some bacon in the house, because then I could have eaten that, too.

Stages Two through Infinity are:  Take Shower, Get Dressed, Pull Together Complete Change of Clothes for OtherJob, Remember to Load Car for Entire Day, Purchase Expensive Drill, Drive to Brother’s, Build Deck, Go to OtherJob for, oh, I Dunno, Six Hours or So, Do Not See Son or Wife At All, Attend Capital Letter Addiction Course, Come Home without Causing an Accident, Die.

You can guess which of those tasks might be the big one.  And I’m still sick.

I’ll try and post tomorrow if I’m not dead.

If anyone has a theory as to why WordPress consistently suggests that I add “aviation” to my list of tags for my posts, I’d love to hear it.

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