In which I nope out on myself

I have a thing to write about, but I really don’t want to write about it right now, partially because my own thinking on the matter is far from settled and partially because I am not really interested in attracting the interest of the internet right now and it would be just my luck that the post that I didn’t want to go viral would end up being a big deal. I’m deliberately vaguebooking, I know; needless to say if you follow F/SF writer Twitter at all, yes, that. And if not, well, trust me, don’t go a-Googlin’. That way lies only madness.

I was planning to review Katherine Addison’s An Angel of Crows today, but I rather inconveniently haven’t finished it. It’s coming, though, and the likelihood of a positive review is high. So plan on that … tomorrow, maybe? Sure.

¡Drogas! ¡Más drogas!

Clonazepam-150x150Saw the doctor today.  The people in the office are starting to recognize me; that’s how often I’ve been there lately.  The receptionist just waved me off without formally checking me in today.  That many times.

Everything’s fine!  Except that my brain is still screwing with me.  So we’re trying Clonazepam for a little while, because all the test results from last week have pretty definitively ruled out my adrenal glands as the culprit.  I’m out another week of work, too, because she’s expecting the drug to hit me kinda hard.  Seeing as how I stopped taking the last one because of side effects, I’m not super excited about this.  But the Lexapro is definitely out of my system– I can tell, because I’ve been nervous and twitchy all day today.  So we’ll hope that Clonazepam helps where Lexapro didn’t.  If not?  Well, whatever the next thing is, I guess.

It’s still not lupus.


I keep almost writing a short story about the Dyson Sphere thing, only the only thing I can come up with is basically a dialogue between two characters about it.  Which… okay, I can do that, but it’s kinda boring without any actual meat on the bones.  I’m just nervous that if I don’t get it out of my system now it’s going to end up as an infodump in Starlight or Sunlight or whatever that book is called now.  Which I need to start working on again soon.  Just as soon as I finish the three other things I’m working on right now, which… well, soon.  That’s all I’m saying.

I will be here in June.  Get your tickets now!  Meanwhile, you’re running out of time– less than a week!– to pre-order Searching for Malumba.  The print edition looks fantastic, if I do say so myself; I’m never not using their creme-colored paper again, because it looks so much better than the white.  That’ll be available on the 27th if you prefer your books on paper.

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got.