A brief bit of blogwankery

Sometime this weekend– possibly today, although it would require someone or a few someones to go a’wandering through the archives for a while, or looking at cosplay pictures— the site will surpass last year’s traffic. Which would be nice! That big spike in 2015 and a good chunk of 2016’s bar is all from a single post that went nuts, but in general I’ve considered 60K a nice round number to shoot for each year, and while I didn’t get there last year I should get a decent way past that this year unless the site collapses for some reason. I’m already up on visitors from last year, but I still need about 400 more hits to catch it in traffic, and there’s a bit of a way to go for Likes and Comments.

This site doesn’t make me any money, mind you, other than second-hand by occasionally driving readers to my books; I tried to go through WordPress’ monetization application and was denied because it turns out I say too many swears, and I’m not going to stop swearing for a few extra bucks a month. But it’s definitely nice to see traffic up. That’s probably an artifact of me posting more– last year was, uh, a bit of a bust in that regard, what with every aspect of my life imploding at once, and as of right now I haven’t missed a day since April 5th.

I was about to go into more metrics, but we’re close enough to the end of the year that I’ll put that off until my end-of-2020 blogwanking post. For now, I thought I’d acknowledge the milestone and leave it at that. Now go troll through my archives and get me over the hump today. ūüôā

In which this took all day: Sales n’ Spreadsheets #blogwanking

This will be tiny and illegible, but those of you who care can click on it for a larger and actually readable edition. You still may have to scroll a bit, since I work with a 27″ monitor and this image is all sorts of horizontal:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.17.30 PMBasically, a day of fiddling with Excel and every sales report I can get anyone to give me has convinced me that I need to start fresh and on my own with 2015, as not nearly enough of the data I have for 2014 can give me specific dates on which I made sales– or, at least, dates on which I made sales anywhere other than Amazon. ¬†Smashwords’ date data seems to fall into a black hole after 30 days, so I’ll have to keep track of that separately and on my own if I want to be able to see it. ¬†Thus, this Excel spreadsheet, which keeps track of each book and each venue the book is available at. ¬†I have to manually enter day-by-day sales and then it totals everything up for me; line graphs are on the next sheet.

Interesting fact: As of last night (I had six BA sales yesterday!) I’ve sold more books in January than there are¬†days in January. ¬†That’s a first for me if you don’t count the couple of KDP Select free days that I gave¬†Benevolence Archives 1¬†when it was on Select at Amazon; those garnered hundreds of downloads. ¬†If I was able to make¬†BA¬†free at Amazon I would get a¬†lot more visibility for¬†it. ¬†Select has been good for¬†Skylights, hands down, no debate, and I suspect when¬†BA 2¬†launches in April it will be on Select as well.

It remains to be seen if my nonsense is finally starting to catch on a bit, if Select is solely responsible for this, or if people just buy more books in January than they do in December. ¬†But it’s probably worth pointing out that my January¬†check from Amazon will probably be at least a fourth¬†of my income from writing in¬†all of 2014. ¬†That’s gotta mean things are looking up, right?

And, just for the hell of it:

They’re good. ¬†I promise!

Question for the #blogwanking nerds

Everyone hates the new stats page as much as I do, right?