BALREMESH AND OTHER STORIES back cover copy is now live

mblile-72dpi-1500x2000A last stand against ultimate evil. A refugee from outside of time. A corrupt governor and a graveyard of wronged spirits. A technological breakthrough that could change human culture forever, or end it entirely. An executioner listening to a genocidaire’s’ final statement. And a door, hanging in the air, a door that must never be opened. These and other tales await you within BALREMESH AND OTHER STORIES, a novella-sized collection of short stories and microfictions in the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres.

Hundreds-selling, Hugo award-nominated(*), generally-not-as-acclaimed-as-he-feels-he-deserves author Luther M. Siler returns to independent publishing with BALREMESH AND OTHER STORIES, his first new project in nearly two years. His other works include the BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES series, the near-future science fiction novel SKYLIGHTS, and a nonfiction book about teaching, SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA.

(*) Anyone can nominate anyone for a Hugo. It’s like the Nobel prize. He was not a finalist.

You can pre-order Balremesh and Other Stories here, or add it to your Goodreads shelves here.

SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA now available for pre-order!

This is probably a teeny bit premature, since the book description’s not done and I’m not completely set on the price, but Searching for Malumba: Why Teaching is Terrible… and Why We Do It Anyway is officially available for pre-order at Amazon!  The cost, in line with my other books, is a completely reasonable four of your dollars and ninety-five of your cents for what is currently a 116,000 word manuscript.  A Goodreads page ought to be appearing at some point today too.

Release date is October 27, y’all.  Woohoo!