I’ve been playing video games all day and am about to build a Lego set. How’re you?

I build a toy, pt. 2: The Finishening

SO the boy got home, and saw the Falcon, and immediately any thought of me not finishing it tonight went out the window.  And therefore:

IMG_4276This is the end of bag five.  IMG_4277Bag Six, mostly concerned with building out the middle section of the Falcon.IMG_4278Bag seven.  Most of this was actually underneath the ship, putting in the belly gun and landing gear.  IMG_4279Bag Eight, AKA “Build this exact same thing a whole bunch of times.”IMG_4280

And the completed Falcon.IMG_4281You can fit two minifigures in the cockpit, at least barely.  Rey and Han are piloting.IMG_4282And the top blooms out to reveal the inside.  Hi, BB-8!IMG_4283Cooool.IMG_4284

Random bits that were left, and the Lego Separator, which I’ve never used.  I took a bunch of them and just sprinkled them around the outside of the ship, especially the bright red circle bits.  I don’t know why these were extra, as I didn’t miss anything.  I swear.  The extra missile is good, as the two missiles fire unexpectedly far and they’re going to get lost soon.  The rest?  Whatever, I’ll throw them in with the rest of the Legos.