For the record

Crap like this is 100% the fault of the new Gutenberg interface being unable to handle basic shit like links and italics; I’ve been seeing weird line breaks in several of my recent posts and I assure you I’ve been doing my goddamnedest to figure out how to fix it. If anybody has any suggestions, feel free to HMU in comments, because I’m tired of my website looking like a 10-year-old coded it.

Actually, that’s not fair; a 10-year-old able to code would probably be able to handle basic crap like this. It takes a committee of adults to screw something this simple up.

Because what I wanted from my Sunday was a massive explosion of negativity

…I just spent some time looking around in WordPress’ forums.  Guys, my goals for this software are simple:  I want it to:  1) allow me to write and have that writing appear on the Interwebs; and otherwise to 2) get the hell out of my way.

During the last post, one of the things that was frustrating me was that I seemed to be generating an awful lot more typos than usual– like, easily twice as many errors as I usually have when I’m writing, if not more than that.

A short amount of time investigating– be aware that I had time to take a shower since the last post, so this is a really short amount of time I’m talking about– has revealed that this “Gutenberg” thing, which is a text editor, is apparently so slow that it is possible to type too fast for it, which introduces lots of dropped spaces and missing letters.

The number I’m mostly seeing is 100 WPM or more.

I type about 120 WPM.

I type too fast for my text editor to render my letters properly, in 2018.

I’d say “unbelievable,” but I really need to purge that word from my vocabulary, because no level of incompetence or malice in any context whatsoever should be “unbelievable” any longer.  The world is just that stupid a place now.