Get thee behind me, Satan

My brother inflicted this monstrosity on me, and now it’s your problem.

Music Monday

Yes I know it’s Tuesday SHUT UP this is all I have right now

Every so often I like to talk about great covers. This one’s phenomenal:

Taking the night off

I‘ve been listening to a lot of Counting Crows this week, so have this phenomenal cover of Friend of the Devil in lieu of a blog post:


I wasn’t going to post today– no good reason why, just tired– and I just realized that I haven’t missed a day since early April. So take a few minutes and appreciate this bit of amazingness:

BALREMESH print edition coming soon!

They keep rejecting the cover; I think I’ve finally got everything sorted after moving damn near every element on it about a millimeter in the last revision.  It’s still available in ebook format for 99 cents but if you’re a print person… maybe next weekend?  Soon, at any rate.

Balremesh Print Cover.png