Ooh, I know this one

WordPress has been doing these post prompts for a while now, and I’ve generally ignored them, but today’s kind of entertained me: “Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?”

Motherfucker, everything. All of it. I’m too old for all of it.

I asked my wife earlier today if we had any plans for today. She said as far as she knew, we did not. I said I wanted to do something.

“Okay. What do you want to do?”

Thinks for three seconds.

“Never mind. Nothing.”

I don’t want to leave the house, I want to be home, after having left the house and having done something, but I don’t actually want to participate in the activity itself. I just want, like, the memories.

I dunno. It’s weird– I just read through like two months of blog posts and it really feels like I’ve spent the entirety of 2023 just completely miserable. That is, I swear, not the case; I’m just really tired and working a lot, and I’ve been sick off and on a couple of times. I went to work five days this week and I think between actual days off, sick days, and various and sundry trainings and meeting days it might be the first time this year. But I got up every day this week and went to work and didn’t have to force myself, and the fact that the next two weeks are four day weeks– four days, then a four-day break for Presidents’ Day, then four days– is not my fault. But we’ll see if I can put together thirteen straight days where I don’t have any reason to call off. That would be nice.

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