2022 Reading in Review

I finished reading 101 books in 2022, and depending on whether I manage to finish Chuck Wendig’s 700+ page Wayfarers in the next two days or so I might make it to 102, but beyond that seems highly unlikely. I’m currently planning on writing the top 10 list later today. Some statistics, because I’m a nerd and roll like that:

  • That’s going to end up just north of 43,000 pages, which is about 118 pages a day; the average book was around 425 pages. This was considerably off my pace from the last few years, which were all in the 130s; I blame reading longer books (I read a lot of epic fantasy doorstops this year) and the YouTube channel, which ate up some of my leisure reading and writing time.
  • Those 102 books were written by 81 different authors, 45 of which were new to me this year;
  • I read four books each by Adrian Tchaikovsky and Sarah J. Maas, three by Junji Ito and J.R.R. Tolkien (and I really should have gotten to the Silmarillion this year, and didn’t) and two each by Rin Chupeco, Nicholas Eames, John Gwynne, James Islington, Kara Jorgensen, Cassandra Khaw, Elizabeth Lim, Christopher Ruocchio, Anthony Ryan and Evan Winter.
  • While this was the first year in a while I wasn’t doing anything to track diversity in my authors, of the 81, 37 were women or nonbinary. At least 31 were people of color. That’s not bad, considering that I wasn’t tracking, but I’d prefer both of those numbers to be higher. 33 were white men.
  • The shortest book I read was Christopher Rowe’s novella These Prisoning Hills, at 112 pages, and the longest was Ken Liu’s Speaking Bones, at 1047 pages.

If you have any questions, obviously, feel free to ask. Here’s the entire list; the blank space at the top is John J. SanGiovanni’s Productive Math Struggle, which Goodreads doesn’t have a cover image for.

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