It never stops

To the best of my knowledge, our new friend who I discussed the other day has not appeared in my building yet; I feel like someone would have mentioned it at some point, and no one has, and I certainly didn’t see him in the halls. So naturally I’ve had another situation crop up, this one dumped in my lap and a direct result of my idiotic inability to keep my damn ears shut when my students are talking. I really don’t want to get into details, but it’s ugly enough that I had to spend a minute looking at mandatory reporter rules, and it just skirts everything that triggers mandatory reporting rules right now, mostly because it’s a hideous mess of Billy telling Sally that Jimmy said something happened to Allie, only it might be that Jimmy is picking on Allie and it might also be that something got mangled in the rumor mill, and on top of that replace a couple of names in that chain with a nice, vague “somebody.” A big fucking mess, in other words.

I think once I’m done with this blog post I’m going to dump this in the laps of the counselor and the principal and AP and let them unravel it if they want to.

… and, of course, now that I’ve written that, the second thing this post was going to be about has completely fled my mind, because that’s how my fucking goldfish brain works now. Fuck it, I’mma go write this email and then make sure I’m ready for tomorrow.

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