Let’s see if this works

My internet has melted, and has been at best intermittent throughout the day, so lemme just throw up a quick proof-of-life before it goes down again: it was brutally hot outdoors today; I think the heat index reached somewhere in the 105-110 range, with tomorrow expected to be just as bad. Amazingly, though, it wasn’t nearly as humid as I was expecting, meaning that outside was unpleasant but not the immediate death I was planning for. We spent the evening in the pool. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

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One thought on “Let’s see if this works

  1. I put bowls of water out in the shade on the ground in addition to the refilling the bird bath….I keep checking the yard to at least make sure my bird neighbours aren’t struggling on the ground or anything like that because of the heat here.


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