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I have had two mental states available to me this week: Angry and Tired. Worse yet is the pervasive feeling that I’m going to be stuck here for some time; while 2021 is the first year in at least the last five or six that has no claim whatsoever to the title of Worst Year of my Life, the cumulative effect of all of that shit combined with 2021’s own unique shittiness is outpacing my ability to deal with it. The fact that I made it to work all five days this week without seriously considering staying home for any of them counts as a triumph; I spent all week covering classes during my preps, and I know for an absolute fact that two of my teachers who were out this week were out specifically because of stress-related health issues.

I think I’ve written about the rash of kids lately trying to get switched into my classes from the other math teacher’s class; I discovered this week that I have fifteen more students than he does, which sounds unfair to begin with, a situation that does not get any better when I point out that two of his three groups only have fifteen students in them. So the difference between our two student loads is equal to one of his entire classes, and yet somehow on Thursday I had a transfer student added into my 3rd and 4th hour class, which is my murderer’s row. And not to belabor the point about being tired of things, but I am also tired of having to have conversations with our school counselor about stuff that should be obvious, such as when one teacher has fifteen students fewer than the other teacher who teaches the same classes, that teacher is the on who gets all the transfer students. He and I have the exact same schedule so there’s no argument to be made that any given student has to be in one of our classes and not the other’s. Every new 8th grader who comes into the building needs to go into his classes until our class loads are even. Every single one.

Next week is only two days long, and the following Monday is an e-learning day, so at least I have a break coming. I can make it– of course I can– but finding a way to get my mojo back would be super.

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    1. I have, and I thought we had things straightened out, and then this kid shows up. I think this kid’s a lot more reachable than most of the other knuckleheads in that class, so if I have to keep him I’d rather he be in one of my other groups.


  1. I wish I knew…trying to get my mojo back over here too…maybe plan something for you and the fam to go somewhere different, do something different, to get out of, hmm, I don’t know, the space, the same old, same old? I dunno.

    I’ve been dreaming of a mythical ski resort cabin with full-on room service, so… wry laugh

    Maybe even just go stay in a local hotel or B&B and order room service and just veg out? Play board games, cards, go for walks, watch cable, etc.?

    Going for walks in a nature/national park helps me shake things off.

    Indulging in lots of “comfort” things–extra hot drinks, comfort foods like potatoes, or, hmm, I don’t what else…

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      1. …it’s good that you only post up videos twice daily, because I’d probably be watching for that same length of time instead of, you know, working, or writing, or other life “adulting” things…


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