Does anyone else just … not wanna? Like, today has been a weird day, and I am not in the mood for a single damn thing, up to and including getting ready for school tomorrow (remember Wednesday is a day with no synchronous teaching for me right now, meaning that I literally had all day to get a lesson pulled together and I haven’t) or getting ready for any of these parent phone calls I’m scheduled to make from 6:00 to 7:00 this evening.

Technically parent/teacher conferences are tomorrow night, but I’m scheduling phone calls in 10 minute increments, and my two and a half hours filled up almost immediately, so I opened up another dozen or so slots today. I talked to four parents between 3:30 and 4:30 and was generally a gibbering, incoherent mess for most of it; I have lost my ability to talk on the phone, apparently, and on top of that I kept going glassy-eyed and not here right now in between calls and kept being a minute or two late.

I slept well last night, too. I’m just a damn mess today.

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