Today, I …

  • Sent approximately 175 emails (not a joke, and if it’s off it’s too low);
  • Worked with one (1) student for an hour on some missing work;
  • Attended a second-attempt IEP meeting that both the parent and the student declined to attend;
  • Attended a PD, supposedly;
  • Caught up my grading, again;
  • Went to the comic shop;
  • Managed to avoid an argument with a local malcontent about whether he should wear a mask in said comic shop;
  • Filmed a short TikTok video that in, oh, three or four hours has amassed 125,000 views and counting;
  • Ate tasty tortellini soup for dinner;
  • Played Demon’s Souls;
  • Attempted (and failed) to do a small bit of Christmas shopping;
  • Attempted (and succeeded) to manage to not spend money on myself, beyond the aforementioned comic books;
  • Wrote a blog post.

Later, I will …

  • Finish R.F. Kuang’s excellent The Burning God, which will likely be reviewed tomorrow;
  • Sleep.

‘Twas a decent day.

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