In which I gotta punch somebody

I think my next Amazon impulse purchase needs to be something I can beat the hell out of. My bike seat showed up today, and the bike I’m planning on attaching it to has had its arrival timeframe moved up to “sometime in the next two weeks,” so given that my wife’s foot is still broken and I’m not planning on riding without her that’s probably going to work out just fine.

Meanwhile, because this is the worst timeline, I get to spend my time today wondering if it’s stupider that the fucking ape shitting on all the furniture in the White House is taking a fucking malaria drug recreationally, or if it’s stupider that he’s lying about it because he’s got an investment in the drug and he’s hoping to drive sales up to other suicidal idiots.

To be clear: I am utterly fucking out of what was never an especially deep well of empathy and compassion to begin with. I hope this kills him and I hope a bunch of his troglodyte fans take it and it kills them too, and I used to not want to be that kind of person and, well, congratulations, I don’t give a fuck any longer. I’ve never hated anyone this much in my life and I remember every fucking miserable second of the Bush II years.

Fuck these fucking people. I’ve had enough, of all of their stupid asses.

6:30 PM, Monday May 18th: 1,504,386 confirmed cases and 90,194 American deaths. Things are slowing down, but even if nothing spikes this week like I’m expecting it to we’ll be over 100K by the end of the month. And nothing but fucking lies and bullshit from all of these assholes.

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3 thoughts on “In which I gotta punch somebody

  1. One of the things that gives me pause is to contemplate the reactions to this situation if Clinton were president. No matter how good of a job she had done in trying to mitigate the pandemic, you just know the conservative asses would be having a counter on every news site and tv channel they own, counting every COVID death and screaming for her head. They would be livid if there weren’t enough tests, weren’t enough supplies. This would have gone down completely differently, and the democrats would have been blamed no matter how well they managed the situation.

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    1. That’s basically where we’re at– he is going to declare victory no matter how many people die, because it wasn’t ten times worse, and anything Clinton did would have been accounted a massive failure because there weren’t 1/10 of the number of deaths. That said, the current culture war over masks might genuinely have been worse with her in office, because I think the red states would have fought even harder against any sort of federal guidance about what to do. I think ultimately we’d have had fewer deaths, but who the hell knows.


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