Final classroom update

… seeing as how school starts tomorrow, for shit’s sake:

The room is basically done, at least on the decor front; there will probably be some more math-related stuff scattered about as the year goes on but what I’ve got is more than enough to get started with. I got the round table I wanted and brought in a single carrel desk, so I feel like the kids have plenty of options for where to sit. We’ll see how it goes; first teacher day is tomorrow and first day with the kids is Thursday. I plan on spending the first two days at least on procedures and getting-to-know-you stuff so no need to worry too much about lesson planning yet.

In other news, this is happening, and are you as excited as I am? Or as excited as I would be, if all of my available emotional energy wasn’t being sidetracked into other things right now? Because I totally feel like if I had any spoons left I’d be burning them on being super excited about this:

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4 thoughts on “Final classroom update

  1. The watched the original Dark Crystal for the first time on Netflix a couple of months ago, simply because the new show looked cool and I wanted to see the original before it came out. It felt like one of those movies that had inexplicably been missing from my life. So I’m super excited for the new one, and I absolutely love that they are building practical sets, props, and puppets as an homage to Jim Henson’s iconic creative vision.

    Seriously– how did I go through life basically not knowing a thing about that movie?

    Also looking forward to reading what you have to say about it, so… no pressure!


  2. Recently rewatched this in preparation for the second one, I was amazed by how well it held up. I expected it to be one of those things that was good when you were a kid but disappointed you on the rewatch; which is why I had been avoiding it.


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