Can we impeach this asshole now?

It’s almost too on-point to be real; the shitgibbon not only announces his fake national emergency so that he can pretend to build his shitty little breadstick wall on the day after the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting, but there is another mass shooting on the day the asshole makes the announcement.

And here’s how fucking dumb this madman is, in a world where I thought further evidence of his unfitness to serve as a third-string substitute ass-wiper at a coprophagia convention was unnecessary: this ignorant motherfucker announced in front of Jesus and everybody that he knew good and goddamn well that his announcement was bullshit but he did it anyway so that his dumb fucking Lego wall, which will never ever be built, could be done “faster.” He just came right the fuck out and said it, because he’s a fucking idiot.

Impeach this stupid bastard. Impeach him right the fuck now, and while we’re impeaching him, the 25th fucking Amendment needs to be put into play. I want his ass removed both ways. Once this fucker is out of office seal him and his entire fucking useless scumsucking bloodsucker vampire family into cement coffins and drop them into the fucking Pacific Ocean and then I never want to hear about any of these stupid fuckmonkeys or for that matter the entire Republican party ever the fuck again.

Get. Him. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. White. House.

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Luther M. Siler

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