Quick question

I’ve completely lost patience with The Walking Dead, and haven’t watched an episode since the show came back from its midseason hiatus.  We’re, I dunno, four or five episodes into the new season of Jessica Jones and I can barely pay attention.  I did notice that Season 2 of Into the Badlands was on Netflix, and I’ll watch that, and I binged The End of the Fucking World on Hulu a week or two ago but that’s kinda a one-off.

What’s good in TV right now?  Y’all should have a decent idea of what my tastes are like after all this time, right?

One thought on “Quick question

  1. I’m with you on Jessica Jones, I was super excited about the new season even though I’m NOT a superhero fan, but I’ve been a little bored and haven’t finished it yet. Quite frankly there’s been a lot of waiting on my end for some good stuff to come out.


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