In which I embark on new projects

I had chips and salsa for dinner tonight, because 1) I’m grown and 2) shut up you’re not my momma.  Unless you are my momma, which I suppose one of you probably will be, in which case, hell, I already ate it, why you bringin’ up old stuff?


I have this little doohickey coming to me in the mail later this week:


Along with this:


And a couple of these:


And I’m planning on taking Wednesday or Thursday and building myself a NES emulator.  Nintendo’s Classic system was simultaneously impossible to find and not what I wanted; I wanted something expandable and particularly something that was actually playable, which is not the case for any device with a 2.5 foot long controller cord.  And now it’s cancelled, so I’ll never get one of those things that isn’t quite what I want.  So fuck it, I’mma build my own.  I want games I can play with my kid and Monster Legends isn’t quite enough.  So I’ll spend a few hours beating my head against a wall, which is my standard procedure whenever embarking on a new technology adventure, and then I’ll be able to play Mario with my kid and my wife will be able to finish The Legend of Zelda, which somehow she has never done.

I’m looking forward to it.  And you get to look forward to the inevitable profane blog post when I fuck it all up.  Whee!

7 thoughts on “In which I embark on new projects

  1. I just went ahead and bought a damn NES and all the games I miss. true, I have to create basically a whole new couch on the floor in front of the tv if I want to play, but it’s awesome. and periodically billy will want to trash me at dr. Mario for a few nights I a row, and that’s also awesome.


    1. I thought about that, but this ought to actually end up being cheaper and I’m always wary of buying used stuff. Plus it’ll actually work through the SNES/Playstation era, and I missed most of those games. That’s three systems. We’ll see how well it ends up working.


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