In which I need a ruling

Had to have a conversation with my kid’s teacher this morning about why he might possibly break into song at some point during the day about killing everyone’s friends and families.  That is because we were listening to this in the car and he’s… well, fond of it: So, the ruling: Parenting win?  Or parenting fail?

11 thoughts on “In which I need a ruling

  1. Heartafire

    Kids have lost respect for authority, they face no real consequence for bad behavior at school anymore. The teachers are frustrated. Parents are friending rather than parenting. It’s a shame


  2. To answer your question–you’re fine. It’s a parenting win, as far as I’m concerned…he’s fond of it, you knew and recognized he might not, you know, understand it’s appropriateness to be sung in mixed company, and you gave the teach a head’s up. That’s all top notch parenting. Good on you!!

    Look, the almost 3 year old makes us play the “Ta da da da da!” song all the time…because honestly, who can’t sing along with King George–who will kill your friends and family to remind you of his love…TA DA DA DA DAAAA DA DA DA DAYUH TA DA DA DA!

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