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Because shit is too serious right now:  you may or may not be aware that my wife’s mother passed away a couple of weeks ago after a long illness.  I alluded to it here a couple of times but I don’t think I ever actually came out and said it.  Do not bother expressing your well-wishes in the comments as I am about to spend this post making fun of my deceased mother-in-law and your sentiments will feel inappropriate.

My wife spent part of her day today helping her dad clean the house out, and in the process of throwing out a bunch of newspapers and magazines somehow came across this.  I am seriously considering getting in touch with the President’s office over at Purdue on the off chance that the letter this is responding to is still in an archive somewhere, because oh my God how batshit crazy must the letter this is responding to be:


Kudos to President Beering, seriously; this is shade of the highest order and I am very impressed.

(NOTE: This was published, obviously, with my wife’s full knowledge and permission.)

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  1. Shoot, I never got such a wonderful letter when my kids went off to college. The only letters I got were the ones telling me how high the tuition would be and how small the financial aid. Nor did I ever get advice on how to properly wax a floor. Sorry I missed that. I do wonder, however, if this letter was sent to the parent of a boy, would #5 have been included?


  2. I’m glad to hear it warmth just my parents that were reluctant to let me go to college. My dad never did set foot inside any University building during my 4 years.


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