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220px-L-Ascorbic_acid.svg.pngDamn near every single human being I work with has lost at least a few days out of the last few weeks to some disease or another.  So far I’m the only one who has remained immune.  So naturally it just turns out that it looks like I’m just last.

Which is in keeping with my sales, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I’m going to bed insanely early tonight and mainlining a ton of Vitamin C in hopes of knocking this shit out before it has a chance to set in.  I’m juuuust at the beginning of a cold right now so I’m crossing my fingers that such a thing is actually possible.

What’re the best cold-prevention tips you have?  The more outlandish the better.  If your grandmother used to make you drink some crazy shit that smelled like it was made of durian and bat piss I totally want to hear about it.

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  1. Vitamin C doesn’t work. If you can get some echinacea when you start feeling sick, take it every 8 hours or so and you won’t get as sick and will be over it sooner.


  2. Vitamin C DOES work! Take 1 gram EVERY Hour. It’s water soluble so you can’t OD. It did sure works. The key is to taper off when you’re better. Don’t just stop. You will relapse. Instead, switch to every 3 or 4 his did a day or 2. Then go maybe every 8 his. Then every 12. Then just the once a day. It had worked for me and my kids and everyone I’ve shared it with.


  3. Rest, chicken soup, paracetamol. Vit C is one of those things sold to you as good for cold prevention, but is really a manufacturing ploy. Most of the vit c in tablet form you literally pee away, it contains far more than you actually need.


  4. Weird but possibly useful suggestion for fighting off a cold:

    Turmeric is good for you (has antiviral properties), and it’s tasty, too. If you like yellow curry, this is an excellent excuse to eat some: “I’m fighting off a cold, so I NEED curry. NOW.” Or try warm milk (or coconut “milk”) with turmeric and a bit of sugar (or better yet, honey, if you’re not allergic to that), plus other spices such as cinnamon (a common ingredient in tea for colds anyway) or cloves (also has antiviral properties, I think). Or try the same spices in regular black tea. (Traditional tea for colds has lemon, cinnamon, and honey in black tea.)

    To the best of my knowledge, vitamin C won’t get rid of a cold, but it’s good for you and may help prevent the next one. (Also, high doses of vitamin C prevent/get rid of cholesterol build-up in the arteries — the build-up is the body trying to patch micro-tears resulting from not enough vitamin C — so it’s worth taking anyway.)

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  5. Really, the only thing Vitamin C is good for is neutralising chlorine after a swim. (in a pool)

    Stay hydrated, (water) rest and let your body do its job, and pseudoephedrine when your head feels like its about to ‘splode.


  6. Krystal Bealing

    Thieves oil is scientifically proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. And helps boost your immune system. That’s my go-to.


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