Grayish-green Saturday WOO!


I promise, I won’t do this three times in a row.

Black Friday wasn’t much of a thing, really– the usual Friday crew said that there really wasn’t a whole lot of reason for all of us to be there as it wasn’t much different from a usual Friday, and my personal sales were mediocre.  Today went a lot better, actually, over two times as much, helped along by a guy who dropped five grand in cash on the desk in front of me after picking out his furniture.  Five grand in cash is a lot of cash, folks!  Sunday is usually my best day of the week, so I’ve got a good chance to have a pretty good week, but not, like, “massive crowds/best day of the year” good.  Just, like, “Man, November’s going well for me” good.

This is normally the spot where I’d talk about some aspect of my life other than my boring (to others, at least I assume) job, but I’ve spent 23 hours at work since 8 AM Friday morning and I am a bit tired.  So I’mma go to bed and read now and try to be more interesting tomorrow.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to spend money on, can I interest you in my books?  They’re available, exciting, and inexpensive!